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Applied Behavior Analysis

We provide in-home ABA therapy to families that live within 30 minutes of our office.  We utilize behavioral principles to emphasize most areas of development. All of our programs focus on meeting the children where they are at developmentally and teaching them additional functional skills that are generalized into the natural environment.  It is important the families are involved in the therapy process, as we are a team, and the more consistency that is provided then more progress will be attained.


Developmental Therapy


DT is provided for children ages 0-3 through the Illinois Early Intervention program. We also provide developmental therapy for children over the age of three to address all areas of development: cognition, communication, motor skills, socialization, and adaptive/self-help skills.  The sessions are typically structured so that one-on-one instruction is provided while simultaneously providing education and support to the families so that they can promote generalization into their natural environment.




Counseling is offered at our facility for individual and family counseling sessions.  Counseling provides a structured opportunity to explore feelings that are typically associated with oneself or a loved one being diagnosed with ASD.  It can be especially effective for parents of children with autism and for individuals who have a diagnosis of high-functioning autism and Asperger's syndrome.

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